Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

5 Easy Ways We Know PageRank Blog

I want to provide the forewordwhich is about the way we easily know PageRankblog. Surely a special blog for fans who still newbie with his new blog.

Well just sobfollowing my introduction, 5 An easy way to know the PageRank of our blog:

1. Please open the address buddy love =www.prchecker.info /check_page_rank.php the browser.

2. Fill in your blog address in the box that has been provided.

3. Click "Check PR"

4. After the verification codeplease type the code in the box beside it.

5. Finally click "Verify Now", it will display the value of PageRank or PR blog.

that's itfrom my prefaceHow easy way to find out the PageRank of the blogIt's easy right?

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