Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

happy new year 2012

start a new life ^ - ^ v

In this book Dale Breckenridge, helping us to be able to eliminate the anxiety and tried to start a new life. And here are some tips to be able to change our lives for the better

I. Find yourself and your own personality
Private person will never equal to one another. Even for people who have a bond / relationship of blood though.The problem that often arises from an advanced self-sendirimerukapakn keengannan person because the onset of various diseasesnerveinsanityand other strange feelings.In an interview with paul boytoon a director field of employment, a question:"What big mistake most often made by job applicants? "and tenyarat Paing big mistake that job applicants is that they do not stick to themselves, they rarely come clean, otherwise they give answers that
Being yourself is not easy, especially if we feel aa kemurangan dlam themselves very prominent. Often we try to hide the lack of it by all means, but without knowing about it by trying to cover the shortfall will increasingly make other people pay more attention to our shortcomings as compared to our strengths.With the ability we have we should not feel anxious, because each of us has something more, because no one else like us, vice versa.Since the beginning of life is not exactly one with you, time will datangpun not be exactly a human being with yourself.

II. Avoid fatigue and anxiety
often tired upon us, after a day of work. From now say say no to tired dech ....note the positive habits in the the table write from all forms of paper.Because with banykanya paper on the table we would encourage any sense of obligation and a sense of responsibility
Clean the desk help awaken us to avoid heavy pressure / feeling the necessity and the sense of a series of problems that must be done without efflux.2.your activity in order of importancetry and start to learn to separate the more mainstream interests that must be done first.3.Finishing problems in the face.Never resolve the problems being faced. That way the load will feel lighter4.learning organize and share.Gather, discuss and share in all things with others.

IV. Learning to relax facing problems in the move
facts prove the brain works will not membuata we are tired, if we feel tired try to close my eyes to be able to relax for a while.
Tip relaxedReferrals 

1.reading the best books for relaxation to relax with an exotic3.beraktivitas a comfortable positionnote the position we sit in beraktivitasa, thereby reducing muscle strain your back and waist our4.check yourself a day "if I've worked harder than I should have done5.your activity afternoon working on, test yourself "how exhausting me" perfection is not seen from the fatigue which in its feel but from the freshness of the body are felt.

V. Keep the spirit in the move
Bored is one of the main triggers of fatigue,those lucky people are those who make fun activity. They could get lucky because it was full of energy and greater happiness.They're not too worried and tired. Energy will be stored in a place that you enjoy, "walking with a talkative pasangabn may be more tiring than walking 10 miles with a couple of fun.

VI. Do not count your difficulties 
in life there is still much more tidka fortunate than our life.A question that we patus answer "why I do not believe in yourself, what's worth I'm worried about?We think 90% of everything in our lives is true and 10% are wrong.If we want to be happy that we can do is concentrate and focus your mind on 90n% correct and do not ignore the 10% is wrong, and vice versa.

VII. Thinking and thanked
think positive and always be grateful for everything we've been through

start your life from now
keep smiling friend :)